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Hello human error, we meet again. Cyber security basics.

Hello human error, we meet again. Cyber security basics.
September 23, 2022

Can your company be a target of cyber attacks?

Yes, and now, what do we do?

I never thought 3Hunters would be a target of cyber attacks and yet it was, we can all be targets. So what does your company do to protect itself?

During 2019 and 2020 we received several attempts to bring down our website , as well as email hacking attempts, from whom, we do not know and less for what purpose, our company supports other companies to recruit talent for businesses to accelerate their pace of growth, who could try to get information from our business and for what to flip the website? We do not dedicate energy to it either, but we do acquire some backup services, maybe the attacks have not been directed but rather general to see what falls, I think it is our case but finally our suppliers assume the responsibility to prevent them.

We had the website down for a couple of days until it was recovered and we ran some processes on the email but we understood the importance, and we also started to specialize in profiles for our clients that help to protect processes, information, assets, etc.

In our case it was not so serious but unfortunately for some companies it has been catastrophic and could have been avoided relatively easily with the right people.

Today some of the specialties we work for important IT companies, Internet, Fintech's and in general for all sectors are:

-Email protection (email data loss prevention DLP)

-Email Encryption

-Email Security and protection

-Information protection

-Cloud Security

Many of the complex problems that we have to face not only require computer engineering profiles, but also telecommunications, industrial engineering, among others, and we have to anticipate strategically in order to have those profiles.

"Only amateurs attack machines, professionals target people" -Bruce Schneir. Computer specialist

"Only amateurs attack machines, professionals target people."

You may have invested in the latest security tools, but there is still ransomware, malware, phishing, email fraud and every day new traps are developed, waiting for an oversight of some collaborator, so it is also a matter of user education.

Human Error, We Meet Again - Cyber security Basics  

"Human Error , we meet again" This article was written by Rishi Bhargava and originally appeared in Security Magazine.

Some cases that have had repercussions lately is for example that of GoDaddy, which as proof sent an email to employees with the title "Christmas Bonus of USD 650 dollars" which was opened by about 500 employees in what turned out to be an internal security test and for which the company ended up apologizing for having generated expectations of a bonus that was not real.

"Although the test simulated real attempts (of cyber attacks) that are currently underway, we need to improve and show more empathy for our employees," the Arizona-based company added.

Phishing, widely used by hackers, consists of sending e-mails posing as known senders in order to obtain information that allows the infiltration of particular computer systems.

The initiative provoked a barrage of criticism on social networks at a time when millions of Americans have been hit hard by the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic.

According to a study by Cybersecurity Workforce, there is a global shortage of at least 3 million specialists in the area, which is why many universities have recently opened specializations in cybersecurity.

Some positions related to this field that 3 Hunters is currently working on:

- Cybersecurity technician.

- Computer network security administrator.

- Digital security architect.

- Security systems manager.

- IT security systems architect.

- Perimeter security manager.

- Security and risk analysis consultant.

- Computer security advisor.

- Commercial of security software products.

- Ethical hacking consultant

Every day our consultants learn about this exciting topic by chatting with and interviewing candidates, and by bringing us closer to industry best practices so that our clients can rest easier.